Stem Cell therapy NJ

           Dr. Joseph Jimenez, MD, FACS, FAAOS has 15 years experience providing Regenerative and Interventional Pain Management treatment techniques. Dr Jimenez will create a personalized care plan while providing the many various treatments available that are highly effective without surgery or pain medications, saving you unnecessary risk, pain and long-lasting recovery time. Our team is passionate about the newly evolving regenerative treatment options available. We believe these non-surgical biologic therapies offer the unique potential to heal and restore painful damaged tissues – naturally!

           When you’re dealing with a sports injury or pain in your back, muscles, joints, or nerves, a real solution can often feel out of reach. What are your best options? Is there an alternative to surgery or harmful pain medications that can offer you the highest caliber of specialized treatment you expect and deserve? Who can you trust to heal your pain? Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness is your solution.

Call us to begin the path to recovery and healing, so your injury does not continue to hold you back.

Call us at 732 END PAIN to begin the path to recovery and healing.

Our Professional Team

  • Dr Jason M. Brooks D.C.
  • Dr Andrew T. Portal D.C.
  • Dr Grace Umail D.P.T.
  • Dr Tithi Mitra M.D.
  • Dr Joseph Jimenez M.D.
  • Thomas Guarcello LAc
Stem Cell therapy NJ

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