When ligaments and tendons are damaged, the joints they move and protect can suffer from limited strength and chronic pain. Repairing these damaged tissues is the best way to stop pain and improve function.  Prolotherapy uses targeted injections that stimulate healing of ligaments and tendons.  Injections include a concentration of local anesthetic and dextrose that is introduced into affected joints, tendons or ligaments to stimulate healing. The treatment creates a healing reaction that results in greater local blood flow and migration of healing growth factors into the injured tissue allowing the body to repair these tissues naturally.

     Prolotherapy can help diminish pain and improve mobility by spurring the body’s own healing and regenerative mechanisms. There are no steroids used in the injections, only local anesthetic.  It reduces discomfort temporarily while a dextrose concentration stimulates a healing response.  Prolotherapy can be paired with other Regenerative Medicine or ancillary treatments as part of a treatment plan for chronic pain or rehabilitation to encourage healing and reduce pain caused by tendon or ligament deterioration or injury.  For the best results, Prolotherapy injections are repeated every few weeks to encourage healing, with the number of injections dependent upon the condition and the patient.


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