Peripheral Nerve Block Injections

Find Relief from Nerve Pain with Peripheral Nerve Block Injections

Living with chronic nerve pain can be debilitating, and traditional medications may not always provide the relief you need. Whether your nerve pain stems from an injury, health condition, or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), finding an effective solution is crucial. At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness, we offer peripheral nerve block injections as a highly successful treatment option to alleviate the symptoms associated with peripheral nerve disorders.

Peripheral nerve pain often manifests as tingling, burning, or discomfort near an injury or in the hands, legs, or feet, especially in cases of CRPS or diabetic nerve disorders. Depending on the cause and nature of the nerve damage or irritation, peripheral nerve disorders can be either acute or chronic.

Our peripheral nerve block injections work similarly to nerve blocks used for anesthesia. By strategically inserting an anesthetic and/or long-lasting steroid near the affected nerves, we can block pain signals to the brain. Fluoroscopic or ultrasound imaging guides the precise placement of the injection for optimal results. The anesthesia provides rapid pain relief, while the steroid offers long-lasting reduction of peripheral nerve pain, lasting from a few to several months, depending on the patient’s condition.

These injections are effective for various nerve disorders. If you suffer from chronic pain due to a peripheral nerve disorder, contact us at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness to schedule an appointment and learn more about managing chronic nerve pain with our specialized treatments.

Peripheral Nerve Block Injections

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