SI Joint Injections

SI Joint Injections

     The Sacroiliac Joints (SI) are connected to the spine and pelvic bone.  They are responsible for absorbing and transferring the weight of the upper body to the lower extremities.  Like all of the joints in the body, they can be susceptible to injury or damage from degenerative changes, trauma or overuse.  SI joint dysfunction can cause back, hip, groin and leg pain which is often misdiagnosed or attributed to other causes.

     SI joint injections begin with a local anesthetic and long lasting steroid being administered into the affected SI joint using an extremely precise imaging technique known as Fluoroscopy.  This helps in the reduction of pain, inflammation, swelling and tenderness.  Some of the benefits include High Success Rate, Non-Surgical, In-Office same day procedure and long lasting relief.

     If you have chronic lower back, groin and leg pain, one possible cause is arthritis or damage to your SI joints. Our experienced Physicians at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness can help find the source of your pain and recommend SI joint Injections as part of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program.

SI Joint Injections
SI Joint Injections

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