Spinal Epidural Injections

     Back and Neck pain can be the result of a number of different of issues.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  When the vertebrae or discs are injured or affected, pressure/irritation can be put on the surrounding nerves from inflammation.  This can cause pain from the neck to travel into your shoulders/arms and pain from the back to travel into your legs.  Bone Spurs, Bulging/Herniated Discs or Degeneration of Vertebrae/Discs are common causes of pain which can impact mobility and overall quality of life.

     During a Spinal Epidural Injection, a local anesthetic and long lasting steroid is given near or at the source of pain using an extremely precise imaging technique known as Fluoroscopy.  This helps reduce pain, inflammation/swelling, tenderness and irritation.  Some benefits of Spinal Epidural Injections include:  High Success Rate, Non-Surgical, In-Office same day procedure and Long Lasting relief up to a year.

     When your pain is no longer temporary AND before you consider Surgery or Pain Killers come to Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness where our expert physicians may recommend a Spinal Epidural Injection as part of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program.

Spinal Epidural Injections
Spinal Epidural Injections

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