Trigger Point Injections

     Trigger Points are hyperirritable spots in tight bands of muscles that may feel like a “knot” that is often associated with soreness and tenderness.   Trigger points are the main components of muscle spasms so they can often irritate nerves around them causing pain that is felt in another part of the body, limited range of motion and weakness, which can affect your daily activities.

    During a Trigger Point Injection, a local anesthetic or an all-natural solution known as Sarapin is placed in these affected muscles to target and numb these spots.  Further stimulation with precise Ultrasound Guidance serves to deactivate the trigger points and relax the muscle. Some benefits of these Injections include:  High Success Rate, Non-Surgical, In-Office same day procedure and Long Lasting relief.

    When your pain is no longer temporary and before you consider Surgery or Pain Killers come to Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness where our expert board certified physicians may recommend Trigger Point Injections as part of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program.

Trigger Point Injections
Trigger Point Injections

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